Videos of Andalucia

01. Introduction to the Cuisine of Andalucia

Join us on a gastronomic tour, as we visit the kitchens of Andalucía’s finest chefs and culinary experts, and learn about traditional dishes that belong in every chef’s repertoire. We’ll taste rich olive oil, crisp sherry wines, and prized jamón ibérico and jamón serrano. We’ll also introduce you to some undiscovered gems, like a hidden mountain valley where some of the world’s finest sturgeon caviar is produced.

02. The Cuisine of Andalucía

The cuisine of Andalucía, whether honoring traditional dishes or over-the-top modern techniques, is a distinct cuisine defined by location, cultural heritage and the bounty of regional ingredients.

03. Tradition and Innovation in the Cuisine of Andalucía

Andalucía’s talented and imaginative chefs, like Dany Garcia at Calima, or Angel Leon at Aponiente, are the rock stars of the region’s cooking. But like most great chefs around the world, they know that cuisine is nothing unless it is firmly planted in traditional ingredients and traditional ways of using them.

04. Regional Specialties of Andalucía

A number of products from this dazzling region deserve to be better known. We will explore some of the specialties of Andalucía, including olives, jamón ibérico, and jamón serrano, sherry wine vinegar, cheeses, and caviar.

05. Tapas of Andalucía

While the actual origins of tapas may be lost to history, many people believe that the tapas custom actually originated in Andalucía. The tradition of tapeando — going from bar to bar, catching up with friends, and having a little bite and drink of something delicious — can be enjoyed for very little money, which only adds to the charm of tapas.

06. Prized Olive Oil of Andalucía

Andalucían cuisine is defined, like no other in Spain, no other perhaps in the entire Mediterranean, by olive oil. Rare is the Andalucían cook who, in recounting a recipe, doesn’t tell you exactly what olive oil should be used—picual, says one, while another calls for hojiblanca, and a third maybe for arbequina.

07. Sherry Wine of Andalucía

Andalucía is well known for its sherry, a fortified wine made near the town of Jerez. Sherry is a protected designation of origin; and in Spanish law, all wine labeled as "Sherry" must come from the Sherry Triangle, an area between Jerez de la Frontera, Sanlúcar de Barrameda, and El Puerto de Santa María.

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