Videos of Catalonia

11. Learn about Catalan Olive Oil

In this video interview, journalist and gastronome Josep-Maria Blassi guides you through a tasting of the five Catalan olive oil DOs. (Flash video, 8:25)

12. Ali-oli Recipe Video

Watch Josep Maria Blassi prepare ali-oli in a mortar the old-fashioned way—with no egg. (Flash video, 6:38)

13. Salsa Romesco: Romesco Sauce

Watch Spanish gastronome Josep Maria Blassi prepare a blender romesco. (Flash video, 6:12)

17. Introduction to Catalonia

Join journalist Xavier Mas de Xaxas in the region's capital, Barcelona, at the world famous Boqueria market. You’ll be welcomed first by Catalonia’s Minister of Food and Agriculture, and by the president of La Boquería. (Flash video, 4:35)

18. Meet the team at Pinotxo and shop with them in the market.

Come see for yourself. Take a moment for a brief shopping tour of La Boqueria with Barcelona journalist Xavier Mas de Xaxas and chef Albert Asin of Bar Pinotxo, one of the best places to eat in the market. (Flash video, 9:37)

22. Introduction to Quim

Quim knows every inch of the Boqueria market, and he long ago scoped out the vendors with the finest ingredients. Let’s meet some of the merchants who supply him with the freshest eggs, fish and foie gras—the items that underlie his daily changing menu. (Flash video, 12:31)

23. Chipirones con huevos fritos. Baby Calamari with fried eggs

Remember those baby calamari he purchased in the market? They are a customer favorite at El Quim, quick-fried with garlic and chilies and served atop fried eggs with parsley butter. It’s a deceptively simple dish distinguished by super-fresh ingredients. Let’s go behind the scenes at El Quim and watch him make Huevos con Chipirones (Eggs with Baby Calamari). (Flash video, 5:41)

24. Setas salteadas con foie-gras caramelizado. Sauteed Mushrooms with Caramelized foie-gras

Watch his rapid-fire fried-egg technique as he makes Mezcla de Setas con Cebolla Confitada y Foie Caramelizado (Mixed Wild Mushrooms with Onion Confit and Caramelized Foie Gras). (Flash video, 8:09)

25. Arroz Caldoso con Bogavante Rice with Lobster

Watch the recipe demo: Arroz Caldoso con Bogavante (Catalan Rice with Lobster) (Flash video, 13:33)

27. Cava: A Guided Tasting of the Sparkling Wine of Catalonia

Enjoy a vicarious tasting of the sparkling wine of Catalonia with Maria Hunt, "the Bubbly Girl" and this video from the Culinary Institute of America.

28. Daniel Olivella Makes Paella with the Culinary Institute of America

Prodeca brought the beauty of Catalonia to the Culinary Institute of America in May with a demonstration of this technique to create a delicious Paella.

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