Character of Verdejo

Verdejo Grape ClusterVerdejo Grape Cluster
Verdejo: the autochthonous grape.
The Rueda character: a combination of Verdejo grapes, continental weather and gravelly soils. The Verdejo grape has been grown in the Denomination of Origin Rueda for over centuries. Its origins date back to the 11th century, to the times of king Alfonso VI, when the basin of the river Duero was repopulated with people from Cantabria, the Basque Country and the Muslim southern regions; it was very probably the latter, the so-called mozárabes, who brought the Verdejo variety from North Africa, after a period of adaptation in the south of Spain.
It has a unique flavour, with a hint of scrub herbs, a fruity touch and an excellent level of acidity. The extract, a key factor when assessing the personality of great white wines, is perceived through its volume and its characteristic bitter touch, which leaves a glint of originality in the mouth, accompanied by a rich fruity expression. These wines are harmonious, and their aftertaste invites to go on drinking.

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