TXAKOLI Basque Wine that overlooks the sea

Txakoli is a special wine, linked since time immemorial to the culture of the Basque people. A young wine with many centuries of existence. The uniqueness of the wines with a Designation of origin: Txakoli from Getaria, Txakoli from Bizkaia and Txakoli from Alava, has its origin in the characteristics of the environment in which it is grown: in areas near the coast, where the vines have been for ages. A low-altitude mountainous terrain, the proximity to the Bay of Biscay, a mild Atlantic climate and native varieties of grapes suited to the environment where they grow, especially Hondarribi Zuri grapes, providing a special personality that differentiates it from other wines.

Since its classification as a Designation of origin, the demand for txakoli has increased year after year, promoting sustainable and balanced growth in the sector, the expansion of its market to Spain’s top restaurants and an emerging international export. The current production volume is over four million bottles.

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