IDIAZABAL CHEESE- European Culinary Heritage

The exquisite quality of Idiazabal Cheese has been recognized on countless occasions. The most memorable, without doubt, is the distinction given by the Euro Toques, an initiative comprised of more than 3,000 chefs in the European Community, and given to the top 15 products of Europe. One of which is the Idiazabal cheese, awarded the European Culinary Heritage Product qualification and, along with jamón bellota [acorn fed cured ham], are the only Spanish products to hold this award.
The preparation of Idiazabal cheese includes the wisdom of thousands of years that Basque shepherds have acquired to obtain an exceptional product that, because of its special character and quality, has ranked among the best cheeses in Europe.

Idiazabal Cheese is made only from raw milk from local sheep breeds: Latxa and Carranzana.
For the production of one kilo of cheese you need almost seven litres of whole milk. Its sensory nuances make it unique.

Its exceptional quality is recognized by experts around the world. Since 1987 it has been under the Designation of origin Idiazabal, and has continued to accumulate awards, until becoming one of the world’s most prized cheeses.

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