In March 2009, Mondragon Unibertsitatea and Basque chefs created the Basque Culinary Center (BCulinary) Foundation, with support from public institutions. The centre, that has begun working in 2011 in San Sebastian, has a Faculty of Gastronomic Sciences and a Centre for Research and Innovation into food and Gastronomy.
BCulinary is targeting training and research, innovation and transfer of knowledge and technology in the different areas of Gastronomic Sciences, generating participative research processes between Universities, Technology Centres, companies and public bodies, to develop a network capable of generating and transferring knowledge.

The main aims motivating the creation of the BCulinary Foundation are:
Guaranteeing continuity for Basque and Spanish cuisine as an haute cuisine centre and innovation centre for the future, by means of training qualified professionals.
Promoting research and knowledge transfer for haute cuisine professionals and business sectors and in turn promoting synergies between them.
Generating sustainable development in gastronomic culture, food education and food trends.
International project for the Basque Country and Spain as a Mecca for worldwide haute cuisine. Becoming leaders in their field and maintaining this position.

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