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Catalan olive treesCatalan olive trees
Catalonia produces high quality olive oil, one of the main ingredients in Mediterranean cuisine and it plays a fundamental role in traditional diets and Catalan cuisine. Extra virgin olive oil is a superior–category oil with exceptional qualities from a health and gastronomic point of view, a basic ingredient in a healthy and savoury diet.

Denominations of Origin Olive Oil

At present there are four Protected Denominations of Origin (PDOs) in Catalonia: Les Garrigues, La Siurana, La Terra Alta and El Baix Ebre-Montsià. In addition, L’Empordà DOP is in the process of gaining community certification. Visiting the olive groves in the late autumn and early winter, when the olives are harvested and pressed in the mill and new oil is made, provides a unique spectacle and an excellent way of finding out about the culture of olive oil.

Les Garrigues

Traversing the fields and villages of les Garrigues and the south of the Segrià and Alt Urgell, counties that form the Les Garrigues Denomination of Origin, one can see that growing the Arbequina olive is, first and foremost, a matter of culture and tradition. Good farming practices, the climate, the olive, harvested directly from the tree, and a painstaking process in the cooperatives are the main guarantee for obtaining superior quality extra-pure olive oil, a delicious fruity juice, dense and tasty, with fragrances of fresh oil, tomato and green almond. When the olive is greener, for lovers of green oil, more intensively bitter and piquant; gentler and smoother when the olive is more mature. Oil for making fried eggs and potatoes, to mellow the pastry of flat cakes, for cooking fish and meat, dressing market garden products... An oil that makes it. Pure oil with the guarantee of the Les Garrigues Protected Denomination of Origin.

Garrigues Protected Denomination of Origin enjoys a great reputation in the making of extra pure oil of the arbequina variety. These oils boast organoleptic charcteristics of a high quality that make them very highly appreciated on the market.

Production Area: Municipalities of the counties of Les Garrigues, south Segrià and the southern part of l’Urgell.

Varieties: Arbequina.


The Siurana flows patiently as it carves out, slowly but surely, and as it always has, gorgeous landscapes. This beautiful river gives its name to the Protected Denomination of Origin that hosts a sensational oil, 90% of which comes from arbequina olives, made in the olive groves of el Priorat, la Ribera de l’Ebre, l’Alt Camp, el Baix Camp, el Baix Penedès, la Conca de Barbera and el Tarragonès. A balanced oil with an aroma of green almond and apple. The November yield is greener and fruitier, turning sweeter and more golden towards January. One of the best oils for curly endive, tomato and lettuce. Oils for pulses fresh out of the pan. Oil for fried dishes, for romescos, stews… Acknowledged everywhere. The pride of its land and of the little river that sculpts away at it patiently, gazing at the olive trees.

The prestige of the extra pure olive oil of the arbequina variety with the Ciurana Protected Denomination of origin is the result of its exceptional organoleptic qualilty thanks to a precise production method that goes back some thousand years.

Production Area: The counties of el Priorat, el Tarragonès, la Ribera de l’Ebre, l’Alt and Baix Camp, el Baix Penedès and la Conca de Barbera

Varieties: Arbequina (90%), rojal and morruda (10%).

Baix Ebre–Montsià

The gentle winters and the strong and dry wind afford character to the oils of this piece of land where the Ebro gets lost in the sea. Here, the olive dates a long way back. Olive groves of the morruda, sevillenca and farga oils that are pleasant on the palate, tasty, and aromatic, fruity and green at the beginning of the season; then they turn sweeter. Always limpid, transparent, free of clouds or impurities. Ideal for perfuming the rice dishes of the Delta, maybe with mussels, eel, duck, maybe with prawns… Suitable for seasoning the greens and vegetables that grow near us. Good for making tasty fish dishes with red pepper and garlic. And they are even great for desserts. And naturally, they can be taken anywhere to enhance any dish. One of the best, with the Protected Denomination of Origin of el Baix Ebre-Montsià

El Biax Ebre and el Monstrià are two of the regions with the greatest tradition and importance in oil-making in Catalonia. Their high quality has led them to be recognised as a Protected denomination of Origin.

Production Area: The municipalities of el Baix Ebre and el Montsià

Varieties: Morruda or morrut, sevillenca and farga.

Terra Alta

We want bread with oil... We want bread with olive oil of the empeltre variety with a minor participation of others such as the arbequina, morruda and farga. We want bread with yellowish extra pure, sweet-tasting olive oil, with a touch of bitterness, somewhat astringent and a dash of spiciness. We want an olive oil with aromas of almond and green nuts, fruitier at the beginning of the collection and sweeter at the end. We want an oil from olives that have not fallen to earth, that are undamaged, and are ground immediately to obtain an oil with hardly any acid, transparent and totally pure. We want oil of the Terra Alta Protected Denomination of Origin for dressing and preparation. And if they do not give it to us... And if they do not give it to us... We will not be silent.

The climactic conditions, lie of the land, and the empeltre oil variety have yielded extra pure, high quality olive oils with the recognition of the terra alta oil Protected denomination of Origin.

Production Area: The county of Terra Alta and in some municipalities of the Ribera de l'Ebre.

Varieties: Mainly empeltre, with a small participation of other varieties such as the arbequina, morruda and farga.


It is our long-time legacy. The Mediterranean as a way of life was bequeathed to us by the Greeks when they settled here. And since we are what we eat, we are corn, vine and olive grove. Because cooking is the landscape in the casserole dish and in the glass and the oil bottle. Olive juice of the argudell, corivell, verdal (llei de Cadaquès) and arbequina varieties, which yield, according to the proportions, savoury and pleasant, aromatic oils, a little astringent. UIT that pinch of bitterness and spiciness that balances the fruity taste and with reminiscences of almond, anisette, fennel, artichoke... Oils for dressing tomato rubbed on bread, for making garlic mayonnaise, for enhancing fried onion, garlic and tomato used as a sauce base, for making fish suquet, platillo, frying fritters... It is said that the shepherd offered it to the siren.

The oils of l'Empordà with Protected Denomination of Origin present an aromatic complexity with aromas reminiscent of almond, tomato, anisette, fennel, and artichoke.

Production Area: Counties of L’Alt and el Baix Empordà, as well as some municipalities of the counties of el Gironès and el Pla de l'Estany.

Varieties: Based on the autochthonous varieties of l'Empordà - argudell, corivell, Llei de Cadaqués and arbequina.

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