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What is it that a ham must have in order to earn the quality seal of the Consorcio del Jamón Serrano Español?

Inspectors of the Consorcio apply rigorous assessment criteria and standards in assigning the seal. When inspecting the hams, the Consorcio also considers the following points:

• TSG Serrano ham certification
• Average 12 months air dry cured (minimum 252 days)
• Piece-by-piece control at the end of the process:
* Minimum fat cover of 1 cm.
* Requirement to have a 34% decrease from its fresh weight
* Pass the individual sensory inspection
* Requirement to be produced by firms that pass the quality control audits
performed by the Consorcio

The Consorcio authorizes various presentations of the final product; either as a whole ham with leg, whole ham without the leg, boneless, or sliced.

Throughout the various processing phases of deboning, slicing and packaging, the Consorcio ensures that all established standards of hygiene, temperature and humidity conditions are followed. Time is very important to us and therefore no ham will receive the Consorcio endorsement if it has not been cured for at least 9 months. But time is not the only factor: temperature and humidity, salting, the fat content of the pieces and their handling throughout this time are also strictly controlled by the Consorcio. Finally, specialists individually inspect each ham in order to ensure that it complies precisely with our quality standards.

Learn more, including recipes and how to slice a ham in the Serrano Ham Seminar under the Discovery section of this website.

Brands of Serrano Ham which are Members of the Consorcio:


Alfonso Font Ribas, S.A.:
Campofrío Alimentación S.A.:
Casademont S.A.:
Comercial Villar S.XXI S.L.:
ELPOZO Alimentación S.A.:
Esteban Espuña S.A.:
Grupo Alimentario Argal, S.A.:
Industrias Frigoríficas Del Louro, S.A.:
Jamondul S.L.:
Jamones Segovia, S.A.:
Noel Alimentaria S.A.U.:
Ramón Ventulá, S.A.:
Redondo Iglesias, S.A.:

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More about Consorcio Serrano Ham
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