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Welcome to the Seminar from Consorcio del Jamon Serrano Español!

What is Concorcio Serrano ham?

Consorcio Serrano ham is a delicious cured meat, originating in Spain. Producing and eating Consorcio Serrano ham are two traditions of Spain which have passed through generations -- everyone in Spain is aware of Consorcio Serrano ham or Jamon Serrano.

Made from the rear legs of pink domestic pigs, the hams are salted, dried and aged. Each stage of producing the ham is executed within specific standards, resulting in top-quality flavor, aroma, and nutritional benefits.

What does the Consorcio suggest you cook with this quality product?

Besides eating Consorcio Serrano ham alone or in a sandwich, you can also combine it with other ingredients to add a highlight of flavor to other dishes. In the following pages, you'll see many different ways to use Consorcio Serrano Ham in recipes. Chefs from the Culinary Institute of America will lead you through several different recipes, all of which utilize Consorcio Serrano Ham.

In this video, Culinary Institute of America Chef Instructor, Lars Kronmark, shows you how to combine the dynamic flavors of Consorcio Serrano ham, fish, and artichokes (Flash video, 12:21):

Monkfish Tournedos Wrapped in Consorcio Serrano Ham

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What Will I Learn in this Seminar?

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