Blogs about Spanish gastronomy – Blog devoted to Spanish ways of cooking well and eating better, with recipes - in Spanish. - Wine blog from Gabriella and Ryan Opaz, husband and wife team who moved from the U.S. to Spain in 2005 and started this comprehensive blog focussed on wines of all Iberia (including Portugal), as well as food and general culture - in English. – Insider's tips and insights on many Spanish treasures as Spanish wine expert Gerry Dawes takes us on his delightfully vinous explorations from Jerez to Girona, from Cartagena to La Coruña, and never forgets that what goes best with wine is. . . food. - (Be sure to include the "wineblog" tag at the end.) Basic site, in Spanish, of a Barcelona-based food and wine consulting firm but the wineblog is the good part--devoted to Spanish wines with lots of insider gossip – in English. - Blogger Teresa Parker trained as a chef in Barcelona, fell in love with Spain, goes back as often as she can (very often) and tells all about restaurants, markets, artisanal producers, wines, etc., with recipes – in English. – who is Tiriti? His blog says he's a die-hard gastronome, amateur sommelier, smoker of Habana cigars, with many vices and nary a single virtue. Amusing blog devoted to insiders' news of Spanish food and wine - in Spanish.

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