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Videos of Ferran Adría and José Andrés

Ferran Adría and José Andrés at the 2006 Worlds of Flavor Conference, part 1 (Flash, 10 minutes 6 seconds)

Ferran Adría and José Andrés at the 2006 Worlds of Flavor Conference, part 2 (Flash, 11 minutes 19 seconds)

Videos from Castilla-La Mancha

Introduction to the region of Castilla-La Mancha (Flash, 0:57)
Ipex intro vidIpex intro vid

Making Manchego cheese (Flash, 1:56)
manchego vidmanchego vid

Manchego Cheese and Mushroom Rice (Flash, 4:37)

Manchego Cheese Croquetas (Flash, 6:45)

Manchego Cheese Ice Cream (Flash, 4:41)

Wines of Castilla-La Mancha and Pairing (Flash, 2:03)

Food products of Castilla-La Mancha (Flash, 1:38)

Videos of Catalonia

Introduction to Catalonia (Flash, 4:35)

Meet the team at Pinotxo and shop with them in the market. (Flash, 9:37)

Garbanzos con Butifarra Negra Garbonzos with Black Sausage (Flash, 4:37)

Arróz Caldoso con Bogavante Rice with Lobster (Flash, 13:33)

Quim Intro (Flash, 12:31)

Prodeca Calamari (Flash, 5:41)

Prodeca Foie Gras (Flash, 8:09)

Learn about Catalan Olive Oil (Flash, 8:25)

Ali-oli Recipe Video (Flash, 6:38)

Romesco Recipe Video (Flash, 6:12)

Introduction to Jordi Vilá (Flash, 6 minutes 13 seconds)

Recipe Demonstration: The Sea Inside (Flash, 10 minutes 52 seconds)

Recipe Demonstration: Egg Bomb (Flash, 16 minutes 37 seconds)

Recipe Demonstration: Catalan Monkfish Stew (Flash, 10 minutes 45 seconds)

Wines of Catalonia (Flash, 16:08)

Spanish Olive Oil Videos

Introduction to Dani Garcia (Flash, 11:04)

New Textures:Olive Oil Couscous (Flash, 5:58)

Olive Oil Gold Ingot (Flash, 5:08)

Olive Oil Popcorn (Flash, 10:07)

Olive Oil Olives (Flash, 4:59)

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Concorcio Serrano Ham Videos
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